Zagreb, August 11th 2016 – Do you also start your meal by taking a photograph of your food? Do you know who is the only person that cares what you eat? Your grandmother. Or you spend your evening ironing your hair and searching for that perfect selfie angle that will hide the imperfections of your nose. Do you know who thinks you're beautiful in every single way? Your parents.

Stay in touch with those who are truly important. With the right mobile device and a little patience, you will easily engage your favorite seniors in modern communication. From now on, that is easier than ever with Doro mobile phones designed specifically for seniors which meet the needs of the golden years. With their Doro DNA features, phones are adapted to the wishes and possibilities of seniors with large screen and big buttons, simple and intuitive functions, loud and clear sound, and HD Voice.

Since the age should not be an obstacle to an active and fulfilled life, Doro has integrated safety features like assistance button and the GPS in their devices, while they are also compatible with hearing aid (HAC). Cell phones are characterized by ergonomic and stylish design and are equipped eith charging cradle, a camera with the video recording option, voice mail, speakerphone option, vibrating alarm and all other applications necessary for the organization of everyday life, while durable battery provides up to 600 minutes of telephone conversation!

What makes these phones different from the other devices on the market is a set of properties and functions: such as GPS and send-and-receive e-mail option with the model PhoneEasy 632, while the particularities of model PhoneEasy 530X are in the fact that it is splash proof and has a large color display (2.4 '').

"Today we often hear how technology disrupts personal relationships, but people forget all the wonderful opportunities offered by modern communication! For example, if my children and grandchildren traveled to their vacation, I worried whether they arrived safely at their destination. Also, they worried whether everything is alright with me. With Doro phone there aro no such situations since a couple of exchanged messages (or photos!) give everyone a peace of mind and an opportunity for joy and relaxation", said Mira Cokic, user of Doro mobile device and president of Rights of Seniors Association.

"We are very pleased that our devices were presented to Croatian users as well. Bearing in mind that 19% of the Croatian population are persons older than 65, we are pleased to introduce mobile phones that can improve the quality of life of nearly one fifth of the Croats", said Francois Jacob, regional manager at Doro.

Swedish company Doro, which operates in 40 countries worldwide, is a leader of senior mobile market. Its products were presented to the Croatian market in June, and are now available for purchase in the Simpa package at a cost of 798.00 HRK for Doro PhoneEasy 632 and 598.00 HRK for the Doro PhoneEasy 530X. Same deviced are available in Croatian Telecom at a price of only 18.00 HRK with the tariff/pack Najbolja Pricam!

Doro is a Swedish public company founded in 1974 specialized in identifying and meeting the modern communication needs of the seniors. With 58% of market share, Doro is the world leader in digital solutions for specialized mobile devices with the distribution of its products and services in 40 countries. Doro places great emphasis on social responsibility and the development of environmental awareness - usage and recycling of their products is in accordance with the directives for environmental protection.

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